Organisations are constantly required to change what they do and how they do it.  The most successful commercial organisations are those that have become best at managing change.  CertSys assists in this process, providing professional advice on all stages of the project life cycle .  Our Project Managers are essential to the decision making process and as a result become the substance which holds projects together.  They provide a sense of direction, integrate everything and everybody involved and provide a hub of information for better communication channels.

To ensure quality is maintained there are three main elements that we strive to achieve; Quality assurance, Quality control and Quality improvement. CertSys will provide a critical insight of business processes, using review techniques such as BPR to help you make effective decisions, improve productivity and automate processes to maximise return on investment on schedule and budget. Services include:

  •   Systems Architecture & Network design services.

  •   Migration Solutions.

  •   Security, disaster recovery & business continuity planning and implementation.

  •   Business Process Reviews.