There are many companies who have yet to upgrade and fully appreciate the features of Windows 2003, such as accessing data in a more efficient and timely manner.  This is crucial in the ever increasing demands within the world of business today. Our consultants provide seamless cost effective migration paths,  offering technical benefits of improved reliability, availability and scalability.


Our deployment strategies are carried out in test environments to mirror the clients technical environment, to ensure that the migration plan will integrate well with existing infrastructure.  Consultants are equipped with both accreditations and experience to deliver the most appropriate solution to meet growing needs of business.


Businesses, both large or small, have to continuously rethink how they will compete in a rapidly changing environment.  Solid infrastructure will assist in  keeping them competitive, with unified systems across the network making it more cost effective and efficient to manage from one location regardless of whether the business spans cities or countries. 


We can implement Active Directory and Group Policy's which allows for the setting of policies for desktop and servers that automatically can be applied to as many desktops and servers as necessary.  Other benefits include;

  • Enhanced security

  • Increased reliability

  • Increased availability

  • Flexible control over the computer environment

  • Increased productivity  

Administrators also gain greater flexibility in changing the Active Directory structure after deployment, enabling changes in the structure of your business to be reflected in the Domain Name System (DNS) forest. Although DNS can be one of most convoluted and complex, we specialise in designing and troubleshooting DNS issues to provide the client with a sound and watertight structure.


We value and understand the importance of client consultation and ensure that your requirements are focused on during all stages of the project.  This results in a service based solution to meet client expectations.