The effective use of Information Technology gives clients a competitive edge resulting in successful business.  Survival and growth depends on it and our consultants can help by developing e-solutions that work. 


Many companies have considered outsourcing their development work offshore and indeed some have done so successfully.  Businesses have to completely understand the risk involved and have to weigh the cost savings against the benefits of having local support which include end-to-end customer service and full understanding of project scope.  Diverse locations can make communication difficult and may lead to misinterpreted specifications.


We help achieve better communication and improve work flow between companies as well as offering advice and expertise.


We specialise in developing bespoke database and application systems to meet clients' expectations.  Our goal is to provide technology which will improve day to day activities, making completion of tasks both efficient and effective.  Integrating this technology and increasing office automation with accounts, payroll, CRM, e-commerce, Internet/Intranet based systems will result cost reduction and higher productivity.


Having integration expertise with most windows web-based multi-tier systems, extensive experience of Visual Basic .Net technologies and the use of up-to-date, powerful and proven tools, we are able to deliver robust solutions.  Out toolset includes:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

  • HTML, DHTML, VBScript & Jscript, ASP & ASP.NET


  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server

  • Microsoft Exchange & Migration Server

  • Microsoft Office 9x & XP Developer

  • Seagate Crystal Reports